Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Reflective Post

EME 2040 Introduction to Technology in my opinion has been one of my favorite courses I have taken. Through out my years of attending Edison. This course has taught me a lot about technology and how I can use it in teaching and one day in my very own classroom. When I first sign up for the class I was a little worried because I have never taking an online class before. The first assignment we did was a discussion post which was about us. I really enjoyed this because it got me comfortable with starting an online class and I got to know the other students in the class just like you would if you where in a classroom. The discussion I really liked because it gave the whole class a chance to give their opinions and comments about what each student was writing. The one thing I would change with the discussions is maybe limiting the amount of people who can do each topic. The last discussion we did pretty much the whole class talked about cyber bullying. Yes I highly disagree with cyber bullying and think it is wrong and needs to change, I feel as well as their are other threats to the internet. But with the class doing the discussion it had the class focusing on the objective. The objective was communication.

The next thing we did in class was our blogs about the chapters in the book. I really liked the book and thought it had a lot of very good lessons in it as well as me personally learning a lot more about the classroom and the technology in it. With the book is did lead us to some assignments in the classroom not just the blog. Chapter 8 talks about how to engage students with digital tools. After that chapter we did a power point on different types of digital technology in the classroom. I talked about the smart board ad how it works and what teachers and students can do with it in the classroom. To me the thing I liked the most about the book was the tech tools. I loved how it gave examples  of apps teachers can use in the classroom it was my favorite thing.

The last but not least thing is the projects from the PowerPoint to the collaborative lesson plan the wiki and the webquest and the teacher web page. Before this class I had no idea what a webquest was how to make a wiki and what to even out in a teacher website. But I for sure learned all of it. I really enjoyed working with other students on the collaborative lesson plan and the wiki. It was interesting working with other classmates but doing everything online. It was something I enjoyed. At times it was hard to get in touch with some classmates but in the end we got the work done! In the end this online class changed my mind forever and I will definitely love to take more online classes in my Edison future!


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