Sunday, January 26, 2014

Understanding Educational Technology Issues and Trends

Learning Outcomes:

What are the major issues, developments, and trends in the field of education technology?

     Some major issues in the field of technology are one that some teachers are not open to start using technology in the classroom. Two some are not very exposed in the technology world. Three some teachers are use to using blackboards which are not up to date in the technology world. Which causes students to be less focused and not really care what they teacher has to say or what the students have to learn about that day. One development that has made a huge impact in the technology world in teaching is web 2.0 tools. which is the internet and some tools it has which one is blogs which we use in this class as well as podcasts. Some trends that are going on in the education technology field is email as well as teachers and students using there smartphones and apps that have become educational.

Tech Tools 2.1

Apps for teaching and learning

This tech tool is talking about how there has become a bunch of apps for educational use. I feel like using these apps that students will become more engaged in the learning. Students have become very involved in the world of technology. They use there phones for everything! From talking to there friends to taking pictures and using social networks. There is a website called which has an excellent source of educational apps. I want on the website, and on the homepage it has a bunch of categories you can choose from and it sends you to a website. I feel like this could be a very good tool for teachers to use in the classroom, and students would really enjoy it. Teachers could based a whole lesson plan on an app and have the students download it and go from there.